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What is better? Better is a bank that is always improving. It's what happens when bankers are committed to continue learning, when customer's passions drive new banking technologies, when businesses succeed and communities grow.


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Union State Makes Award-Winning Financial Literacy Program Free for Local Classrooms
Local students are getting a free education in how to manage their money. Union State is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program, to make courses available to the Beulah and Hazen school districts completely free. By teaching kids to develop sound financial skills, we can build a better future together.
A Message from Christie Obenauer, CEO & President
How quickly our world can shift. We’ve made more changes to the way in which we live, work and interact with one another in the last two weeks, than we have over the course of many years.
Navigating COVID-19 and our customers’ needs
Union State Bank has made the decision to close our lobbies in Hazen and Beulah. This decision was one that was not made lightly; however, the safety of our staff, their families and our customers has always been - and remains - our top priority. Please know that we are taking the rapidity of this spread seriously and are continuing to review and respond to information as it evolves.
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