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What is better? Better is a bank that is always improving. It's what happens when bankers are committed to continue learning, when customer's passions drive new banking technologies, when businesses succeed and communities grow.


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Testimonial: J & M Ace Hardware
Monica and Jerry Isaak are the owners of J&M Ace Hardware in Beulah, ND. J&M Ace Hardware provides several services to their communities and surrounding communities, being the largest hardware store the county has.
2023 Meal & Crop Insurance Update
Join us for a free educational event hosted by Stroup Insurance
2023’s Giving Hearts Day
Giving Hearts Day is near and dear to Union State Bank and Stroup Insurance’s hearts. Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour fundraising event and will be held on February 10th. Its funds are spread throughout charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.
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