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What is better? Better is a bank that is always improving. It's what happens when bankers are committed to continue learning, when customer's passions drive new banking technologies, when businesses succeed and communities grow.


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Scam Alert
We have received a report of a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be from Union State Bank and asking for all of their customer information.
Pandemic continues, leads to second lobby closure
With the steps leadership in the state of North Dakota have taken and the continued increase in cases not only in North Dakota but within the home county of Union State Bank, we have decided to lock our doors once again.
Legendary Meats
Dan Selensky had a vision most of his adult life of owning and operating his own butcher shop. After growing up one of twelve kids on a dairy farm near Rugby, Dan moved to Bismarck in 1995 where he began working at a butcher shop.
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