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USB has been notified of the following fraudulent activity.

25 January 2024
Customers have been receiving text messages that have been confirmed scam activity.

1 August 2023
When immersed in the online dating scene, not all interactions are genuine.

6 July 2023
When selling something, you open yourself up to spam messages and calls.

5 July 2023
Never just glace at physical money.

5 June 2023
If anyone approaches you looking to cash a check on their behalf, your red flags should go up and be on alert. Do not engage.

4 May 2023
A friend whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time reaches out to you randomly. After a quick catch-up, they offer you a sum of money as a loan. Is the money legitimate?

27 February 2023
Multi-Factor is one of the best security tools we can use to protect our information. However, every security feature has its weaknesses.

1 February 2023
A McLean County bank received a phone call to verify funds drawn off a customer of theirs.

15 July 2022
If you are a notary, you may have received a fraudulent renewal alert. It has been brought to Union State Bank’s attention that there has been fraudulent activity regarding notary bonds and notary renewals.

12 July 2022
Union State Bank’s Beulah location received an inquiry on a check presented to the teller, inquiring its authenticity.

1 October 2020
An individual located in North Dakota fell victim to computer takeover/wire fraud/gift card scam. The person’s computer froze with the instructions to call the number of their screen.

22 May 2020
It’s important to keep an eye on your accounts. During the pandemic a bank in Bottineau, ND caught numerous deposits being entered into a customers account.

20 April 2020
Letters began circling in 2020 giving people the opportunity to “work” while doing nothing – the individual would just have to provide the outside of their vehicle.

For more information regarding common scams or scam reporting within the state: attorneygeneral.nd.gov/consumer-resources/common-scams