Earn better interest with a checking account

posted on 8 January 2021
Earn better interest with a checking account

Union State Bank, NOW Checking

It is not every day your Checking account can earn interest like a Savings. Union State Bank offers NOW Checking accounts which allow a person to earn a better interest rate based on variable rates tiered and based on the minimum daily balance. Like any other interest-bearing checking account, the interest is compounded and credited monthly. 

This account functions just as a regular Checking account. A debit card will be supplied (should you wish) and there is no restriction on the number of debits one can have per month. This account also allows unlimited check writing. 

Union State Bank does reserve the right to at any time require, no less than 7 business days, written notice before any withdrawal. 

As long the account is active a monthly statement will be sent by mail. However, anyone can sign up for paperless statements under their NetTeller, online banking account. 
Account owners can request that statements also display check images that had circulated through their account within the month.

There is no age requirement to open a NOW checking account, the only condition being the minimum $1,000 deposit is met. If minimum daily or monthly balances are not met fees may reduce earnings.  

“A NOW checking account is a great option to open or transfer your interest free checking,” said Assistant Vice President of Operations Kristen Jacobson, “as your money grows so does your account.” “Interest may not seem like much but it can add up over time and can be a great way to save money without even knowing it!”