Progressively Growing Relationships

posted on 21 April 2023
Progressively Growing Relationships

While we might be a small-town bank, we are not small about our progressiveness and innovation. We are constantly blazing new trails to better serve our customers and our community. 

From the Cloud

Our customers can bank from wherever they are. Through our online banking service and our app on their mobile device, we provide our customers with an efficient and effective digital experience. Understanding the importance of time savings, our technology allows our customers to check balances, make transfers or even pay bills, all through NetTeller – our online banking service. 

Since our beginning in 1908, we have been a part of the evolution of banking. We have been rooted in our communities, while progressively growing and evolving alongside our economies, demographics, and our industries. We stay relevant, so our customers can, too.

The banking world was once ink-penned transactions in large ledger books. Today, transactions are in real-time, and digitally logged. We have been steadfast through all these progressions to ensure that our customers and our community have the financial tools and resources to grow, evolve, and succeed.  

A Trusted Financial Partner

Community banking has always been about relationships; and at the heart of any relationship is trust and respect. Union State Bank’s core values are trust, honesty, and integrity. With those roots, we serve our customers and our community with open and honest conversations, listening hearts and minds, compassion for each person’s story, and intellect to create solutions to challenges. We are grateful for the opportunity to be in a relationship with you.

For Over 100 Years…

We have helped North Dakota grow. Union State Bank has achieved this by supporting people’s dreams. Through promoting, engaging, and supporting people’s business ideas and ventures, our customers and our communities grow and progress.

This growth ripples through the county, state and even our entire economy. Union State Bank understands the importance of our role in being the economic engine to our rural communities, in our rural state that feeds and fuels our country. We grow to create growth and connect to create connections.   

At Union State Bank we are attentive to the ever-changing financial world. Through our relationships we walk together with our customers, supporting their journey and the realization of their dreams. For over 100 years, we have been a trusted financial partner to the people we serve. Thank you for trusting us with your story and being an important part of ours.