Teacher Appreciation Week: USB purchases 662 coffees

posted on 15 May 2024
Teacher Appreciation Week: USB purchases 662 coffees

Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week, Union State Bank had a running tab throughout the Hazen and Beulah communities and their coffee shops.

Hazen’s Groundation, Bee’s Café and Urban Coffeehouse, Beulah’s The Grind Coffee Hut, and Then & Now Candy, LLC.

Union State Bank provides coffee freely throughout the week for teachers. Their dedication and tireless job of teaching, leading and supporting our youth does not go unnoticed. Teachers are truly one-of-a-kid people and what they do is hard work. Union State Bank President and CEO Christie Huber Obenauer applauded teachers and what they are tasked with. “They are growing curious minds and the confidence to ask questions and encourage innovation.  They are building character, and deepening integrity and modeling patience. They are listening to understand, and in so doing, they are ensuring the next generation feels seen, heard, and valued. That creates connections and builds relationships. And that is everything,” said Christie.

Union State Bank wanted to recognize that we see them, see their efforts and appreciate what they do. Teachers are growing young minds and creating future contributors to our communities and, eventually, the world.

As bankers know in their line of work, coffee or caffeine is an important way to start the day. By reaching out to the local coffee shops, they were just as eager to help fuel our teachers for the week. Union State Bank’s Marketing Officer Kate Weigel said, “At Union State Bank we strive to always find ways to engage with our communities, this event allows us to celebrate our teachers while also supporting our local businesses.”

By the end of the week, Union State Bank had paid for a whooping 662 coffees and spent $4,647. 

When Kate and Christie met to plan teacher celebrations, Christie jumped at the ability to invest in our communities with a two-fold event. “What fun it has been for us to show our appreciation for our teachers, while we show support for our small businesses that bring us some of our favorite things – like coffee!” said Christie. 

“As another school year comes to a close, we marvel at the gift that teachers are. Their life’s work goes far beyond the pages of books and notebooks. Teachers, we can’t thank you enough for all you do to impact the present, and shape the future. Cheers from the entire Union State Bank Family!”

Hazen Middle School teachers posted to their Facebook Page, holding their coffee purchased by Union State Bank and made by Urban Coffeehouse.

Urban Coffeehouse loaded up coffee deliveries and posted to their Facebook page to share appreciation.