Testimonials: Seek First Ranch, the Dukarts’

posted on 29 June 2023
Testimonials: Seek First Ranch, the Dukarts’

Seek First Ranch is owned and operated by Josh and Tara Dukart. Located in Hazen, North Dakota, their business thrives on asking questions and seeking solutions. It’s where they raise, graze and direct market grass-fed beef and hair sheep, while refining their regenerate curriculum to teach and facilitate retreats around the world. 

Josh and Tara’s decision to join Union State Bank had been based on a strong, multi-generational connection. “It makes sense to continue this beneficial relationship, with the added bonus of Union State Bank being right here in our local community,” said Tara. 

Through their own experience, Seek First Ranch is built of effective communication and trust. They know it’s the best way to meet their own customers’ needs, they have looked for the same values in their extended management team. “We have chosen Union State Bank to be a key part of our team,” said Tara, “Union State Bank serves us well, so in turn, we can serve others.”

When asked if Union State Bank has been a good partner for their business, the Dukarts’ said Union State Bank understands the unique needs of their business – being multi-faceted – they anticipate, accommodate, and serve them well. “We need flexibility and a team that understands how to help us succeed in our growth,” said Tara. 

When asked if they would recommend Union State Bank, they were candid about not only the bank but their employees and how eager they are to serve their customers.

“A few of the reasons we recommend Union State Bank, is their sincere desire to see their clients succeed, their willingness to help us explore new enterprises and different business models, and their friendly, welcoming, helpful, and supportive staff – Union State Bank is an asset to our community,” said Tara.