Texting Scam, Banking Alert

posted on 24 January 2024
Texting Scam, Banking Alert

Customers have been receiving text messages that have been confirmed scam activity. 

The text reads: Banking, Alert for #(your phone number here), Debit. Card-Account is Locked!!, Contact our 24/7 Department:8886680742

Red flags in this text:

  • Typos, random periods, extra exclamation points, etc
  • Non-local nor 1-800 number
  • Doesn’t say WHY your account/debit card is locked

When our Fraud Center texts customers, the text reads for the customer to verify a specific charge and for the customer to respond “yes” or “no.” It also provides your local bank’s phone number for you to contact them directly. 

NEVER would Union State Bank send out a generic text or phone call stating your account is locked. 

If you ever receive texts, phone calls, or receive something in the mail making statements regarding your card or account, hang up and call your local branch directly. DO NOT give out ANY of your information.