The Passing of a Legacy: Chuck Stroup

posted on 19 June 2024
The Passing of a Legacy: Chuck Stroup

Charles “Chuck” Stroup has been a pillar of Union State Bank for many years. Chuck recently passed away on May 18, 2024. With the impact Chuck had on not only people but the rural communities and the state of North Dakota, a memory gathering was needed. To commemorate all of what he accomplished through decades of relationships and his steadfast work uncovering people’s passions.


Chuck was born into banking. His grandfather, Robert Stroup, sprinkled the seeds of banking for his family. In the next few decades, those seeds became roots and the German State Bank, became the heart of its community’s growth. Shortly after World War I arrived, the bank’s name was changed to Union State Bank of Stanton. Later, Union State Bank would move their location to Hazen, where they now claim home to.


George, Robert’s son, later took over Union State Bank. George then handed the reins to Harvey Huber, who then placed them in Chuck’s care in the early 2000’s.


Chuck served as N.D. director of economic development and finance under Governor Ed Schafer; Chairman of N.D. State Board of Higher Education; Chairman of N.D. Dollars for Scholars; member of the N.D. State Banking Board, director of Hazen Community Development board, as well as church boards and numerous other civic duties. As President and CEO of Union State Bank, Chuck created countless opportunities for businesses in the 2000’s.


He practiced what he preached and invested in his community by investing in people. Whether that was through volunteerism, financially, or just fanning the flames of a young person’s passions.


Chuck believed economic development should be partisan to good projects and to good service to the people of the state of North Dakota, and to be partisan to the rural areas of North Dakota.


It was apparent in his Memory Gathering how many lives he touched and stories he was a part of.


Christie Huber Obenauer, Chuck’s niece and current Union State Bank President and CEO, expressed her deepest gratitude to all who gathered and helped make Chuck’s Memory Gathering an incredible event. “It was heartwarming to see so many faces of people who represented all the chapters and circles of Chuck’s life,” said Christie.


It seems there are constant reminders of the importance of relationships and that humans are meant for connection and to walk alongside one another. “Relationships are the essence of what we get to do in community banking and Chuck’s gathering was a visceral representation of that truth and that blessing in our purpose – and an honoring of all the ways Chuck lived out his,” said Christie.