Thea’s Toy Collection

posted on 3 May 2024
Thea’s Toy Collection

Thea Ungerer made a goal to donate “lots” of toys back to a place that holds a special place in her heart – Roger Maris Hospital.

Thea is the daughter of Cody and Kendra. Kendra has been an employee with Union State Bank and now Stroup Insurance for several years. Not too long ago, they received the earth-shattering news that their daughter would have to start chemotherapy due to a cancer diagnosis.  

While receiving chemotherapy, Thea would be able to pick a toy from a large toy chest. Kendra said this was something the hospital provided when kids had to receive “big things,” like IVs, surgery, dressing changes, etc. Thea often enjoyed times picking a Barbie or princess toy of some kind.

Now that Thea has completed her journey with Roger Maris she wants to continue to give back so that other kids have plenty of toys to pick from after their “big treatments.” This year, she asked Union State Bank, Stroup Insurance, and friends and family to donate toys to her cause. After several weeks of collecting toys, Thea was able to deliver 270 toys to Roger Maris Hospital.

Thea was thrilled to deliver such a large amount of toys at her returning checkup, thanks to our employees, and the friends and family she has.