Beulah Fraudulent Check

posted by on 12 July 2022

Union State Bank’s Beulah location received an inquiry on a check presented to the teller, inquiring its authenticity. The check was received because of an over the phone purchase. The seller received the check with the instructions to use a portion of the funds to pay for transport of the purchase.

Union State Bank prides ourselves for the financial safety of our customers. Our teller did their due diligence and called the bank the check was drawn on. After investigation, the check was found to be FRAUDULENT.

BEWARE: receiving a check in the mail? Always ask yourself if this check was expected. If the check comes with instructions, as to resending the money to other locations, a red flag should pop up for you. If the check was expected but something feels off, come in and ask a representative. Your community bankers are here to help keep you and your money safe.