Fraudulent Cashier's Checks

posted Union State Bank on 6 June 2022
Fraudulent Cashier's Checks

ICBND has been notified of the following fraudulent activity:

On behalf of State Bank & Trust of Kenmare:

Fraudulent cashier’s checks are being issued with the State Bank & Trust of Kenmare’s name and logo appearing on the check, and they also appear to be using a customer’s account number on these checks. See Attached (Fraud 1).  

On behalf of Garrison TruCommunity Bank:

A Garrison TruCommunity Bank customer came in with the attached (Fraud 2) cashier’s check today, with the intent to cash it and send some of the funds back to the remitter. The check initiated with a LinkedIn job offer to the customer. Garrison TruCommunity Bank staff called JP Morgan Chase, which informed them that their cashier’s checks have 10 digits; this has 9. Further investigation with the ND Attorney General’s office revealed it as fraudulent.