Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your important papers, records, and other valuables from fire, theft, or accidental loss. A safe deposit box at Union State Bank is a secure place to keep your most important items.

  • Keep your valuables safe from fire, theft, flood, etc.
  • Locked safely in our vault
  • Not available at all Union State Bank locations
  • Low annual rental fees
  • Privacy when accessing your items
  • Various sizes available
  • Contents not insured by the FDIC

NOTE: To ensure the security and privacy of safe deposit box contents, Union State Bank does not hold duplicate keys to your safe deposit box, therefore if keys to your box are lost, replacement costs will be charged according to market pricing.

*Safety Deposit Boxes are not Member FDIC insured.

Wire Services

You can transfer money from your account easily with our wire service options. Whether it's domestic or international, our options will make the process simple and secure. 


Stroup Insurance
Stroup Insurance

Click here for insurance services

Stroup Insurance is an affiliate of the Union State Bank. Products offered by Stroup Insurance are: Not insured by the Bank's FDIC Insurance or any other federal agency, or by the Bank or its Affiliates- Not Deposits or Obligations of, or Guaranteed or Insured by, the Bank.

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