Testimonials: Seek First Ranch, the Dukarts’
29 June 2023
Seek First Ranch is owned and operated by Josh and Tara Dukart. Located in Hazen, North Dakota, their business thrives on asking questions and seeking solutions. It’s where they raise, graze and direct market grass-fed beef and hair sheep, while refining their regenerate curriculum to teach and facilitate retreats around the world.

Progressively Growing Relationships
21 April 2023
While we might be a small-town bank, we are not small about our progressiveness and innovation. We are constantly blazing new trails to better serve our customers and our community.

Testimonial: J & M Ace Hardware
23 March 2023
Monica and Jerry Isaak are the owners of J&M Ace Hardware in Beulah, ND. J&M Ace Hardware provides several services to their communities and surrounding communities, being the largest hardware store the county has.

2023 Meal & Crop Insurance Update
13 February 2023
Join us for a free educational event hosted by Stroup Insurance

2023’s Giving Hearts Day
1 February 2023
Giving Hearts Day is near and dear to Union State Bank and Stroup Insurance’s hearts. Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour fundraising event and will be held on February 10th. Its funds are spread throughout charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

Testimonial: Legendary Meats
26 January 2023
Jessica and Dan Selensky are the owners and operators of Legendary Meats in Center, ND. Legendary Meats is a meat processing business that starts at the time of butchering, through to the sale of specialty meat products: sausage, pepperoni sticks, jerky, brats, steak cuts, as well as sea food products.

The FINAL Reveal
23 January 2023
Join us for coffee and cookies, while taking in the beauty of our Final Reveal

Santa Visits Residents of Knife River Care Center
23 December 2022
Union State Bank looks forward to their partnership with WRT and hosting Santa Claus’s visit to the Knife River Care Center (KKCC) in Beulah.

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