Hazen Makeover in Progress
12 October 2018
Please pardon our appearance during the transformation. We’re just making our Hazen lobby worthy of a loyal customer like you. Thank you for your patience. (You'll love the changes.)

Meet Paden Lennick, and his buddy, “Buddy”
13 September 2018
Paden is the son of Travis and Kristin Lennick, customers of Union State Bank. As Paden explained in a letter to us at Union State, he has raised Buddy “since the day Buddy’s mom died.”

Mercer County
1 September 2018
Mercer County is an expert at collaboration. We have numerous examples of projects here where we’ve created something greater than the sum of our parts.

Original Corner
14 August 2018
It was 1914 when the original corner of the building Union State Bank in Hazen now occupies on Main Street was built.

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