Pandemic continues, leads to second lobby closure
19 November 2020
With the steps leadership in the state of North Dakota have taken and the continued increase in cases not only in North Dakota but within the home county of Union State Bank, we have decided to lock our doors once again.

Legendary Meats
18 September 2020
Dan Selensky had a vision most of his adult life of owning and operating his own butcher shop. After growing up one of twelve kids on a dairy farm near Rugby, Dan moved to Bismarck in 1995 where he began working at a butcher shop.

How to start saving for your child’s future
2 September 2020
Union State Bank would like provide knowledge of college saving opportunities in North Dakota. While Union State Bank does not offer any program itself, our intent is to create awareness of Bank of North Dakota’s College SAVE program and the 529 Plan. Opportunities can be further discussed through BND outlets or by visiting with Julie Graney at Graney Financial in Hazen and Beulah.

Get started with a Visa College Real Rewards Card
25 August 2020
Apply for Union State Bank’s Elan Visa College Real Rewards Card and get started on your credit score early. The Visa College card allows young people the opportunity to build a positive credit history and provides them the ability to make convenient and efficient payments.

Earn better interest by Christmas
18 August 2020
Christmas has a way of sneaking up on a person and can become financially overwhelming. Union State Bank offers people the opportunity to plan and save with our Christmas Club account.

Blue Top Steering Gears
30 July 2020
Ryan Vigesaa and Blue Top Steering Gears are enjoying the benefits of a new facility in Stanton, North Dakota thanks in part to funding from Union State Bank and a bit of guidance and support from Carla Borlaug, his business banker.

What is an Educational Certificate?
23 July 2020
EDU CD’s benefit youth Have you ever wanted to start saving for your child’s future but don’t know where to start?

Introducing Kayla Palmer, new AVP Ag Lending
26 June 2020
Union State Bank is excited to announce Kayla Palmer as a new team member.

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