Never too late to chase a business dream
20 May 2022
Richter resigns as Senior Vice President of Lending for entrepreneurial opportunity

May: Mental Health Awareness Month
20 May 2022
Someone’s mental health and wellbeing is not seen on the surface. It is something buried deep inside them, edging its way to be seen or discovered. This isn’t an illness that can be identified on a person right away, however, like a broken arm, this type of pain deserves all the same treatment and care as would any physical injury.

The Corner Chair
16 May 2022
In March, I wrote “Be Brave and Be Bothered,” on a pair of drumsticks I received. I have had those drumsticks laying on my desk ever since, and I look at them often throughout the day. If you come to our 2022 NDBA/SDBA Annual Convention next month in Bismarck, you’ll learn what the drumsticks are about. And I hope in so doing, you are as deeply impacted as I was – and continue to be.

The Corner Chair
19 April 2022
I would be remiss if I didn’t start by saying that as I write this, I sit all by myself in my Hazen office, not being able to open the bank due to the Snowmageddon out there that has paralyzed our communities, save for the occasional snowmobile I see zipping past. A friend of mine called it an “Impressive Weather Event.” I call it the stuff of folklore.

We're Preparing for the Weather
12 April 2022
Stay up to date on location closings due to weather this week.

Spot the Scam, Protecting Yourself and Your Finances
30 March 2022
Throughout the pandemic there has been an increase in fraudulent and scam activities. Whether this is receiving a check in the mail, or someone online claiming to be a love interest and needing money. Now, more than ever is prevalent to have our guards up about fishy phone calls, e-mails, text messages or checks in the mail.

Expecting Tax Documents from USB?
15 February 2022
If you are a customer of Union State Bank with an interest-bearing account or a loan, you should have already received your 2021 tax documents.

Meal & Crop Insurance Update offered
3 February 2022
Stroup Insurance will be hosting a free educational event.

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